Dispyt & Death Crusade Teamed Up For A 7″ Split Release

Crust punk and extreme metal fans, get ready! The Finnish crust/black metal band Dispyt and Death Crusade, the Polish crust punk/death metal band, have joined forces for a split 7″ album that promises to be a memorable experience.

The album features Dispyt and Death Crusade showcasing their unique styles, blending crust punk and extreme metal in a way that highlights the best of both genres.


“We’ve been fans of Death Crusade for a while now and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them on this split album,” said Mathias Lillmåns, the frontman of Dispyt. “Their approach to crust punk and death metal is intense and powerful, and we think it’s a perfect match for our sound. We’re really excited for our fans to hear what we’ve created together.”

Death Crusade

“We’re equally excited to work with Dispyt and showcase our music to their fans,” said the members of Death Crusade. “Their use of the Swedish language in their crust/black metal music creates a unique atmosphere, and we think it’s an excellent complement to our sound. We’re confident that our collaboration will result in something truly special.”




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