Dispyt - Livsglädje 7" - Elitbolaget Records

Dispyt – Livsglädje 7″ (Elitbolaget)

Dispyt - Livsglädje 7" - Elitbolaget Records

A hefty package with releases ended up on our doorstep thanks to Elitbolaget. If you’re not familiar with this Finnish record label, you should pay attention to their roster. You’ll stumble upon everything from sludge metal to ultrafast hardcore punk and all over to skate punk sound. Still, the main focus is on extreme underground music, so if you like your music heavy, noisy, aggressive, then Elitbolaget bands will be right up your alley. Dispyt are unquestionably the one that stand out from the crowd and are the true representatives of the beforementioned record label. I had a chance to review their split release with Bob Malmstrom, and to be honest, I immediately fell in love with their sound. Believe me, Dispyt are the real deal when it comes to blending all the main ingredients of extreme underground music. This time, I had a chance to listen and review their Livsglädje 7″, which was released by Elitbolaget before their split 7″ release with Bob Malmstrom.

Livsglädje carries four enormously powerful compositions that combine all the vital genres of extreme underground music. Dispyt incorporated everything they love about heavy music genres. Therefore, you may stumble upon the d-beat, crust, hardcore punk, death metal, and black metal on this hellish music journey. The way Dispyt blended all these elements in a colossal slab of harmonious noise is nearly mindblowing. They blend classic d-beat/crust punk beats with ferocious hardcore punk speed, death metal technicalities, and black metal aesthetics. Despiting the amount of the elements involved, Dispyt are doing it like pros, and their recording sounds superb from scratch to finish. The guitars emit heavily distorted guitar shreds capable of tearing down everything in the nearest radius. There’s also a vividly hearable fuzz distortion lurking around from all possible directions. This addition unquestionably enhances the abrasiveness, rawness, dirtiness of the beforementioned shreds even more.

The bass guitar carries a decent amount of heaviness by bursting with equal amounts of fuzzy low-end tones. These basslines are skillfully submerged in the mix to fit the guitar sound, but you will hear every delivered tone without a fuss. The flawless drumming performance is, without any doubt, responsible for the dynamics of this trio. The endless amount of various rhythmic sequences, accentuations, breaks, and fills will knock your socks off. The vocals will also be right up your alley if you’re into Nordic crust punk, d-beat, death metal, or any other aggressive sonic form. I highly recommend Livsglädje to anyone who truly loves extreme underground music because these four compositions are flawlessly composed, arranged, and performed. Livsglädje is available on 7″, empowered by a superb visual identity. Still, you can listen to it on all streaming services if you prefer digital services. The digital version comes with two live tracks. Head over to Elitbolaget for more information about ordering.






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