PVST / Meüte – Split LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)

Voice Of The Unheard has been active in recent months by publishing some exceptional records regarding genres such as emo, screamo, indie, post-rock, and punk rock. Some of these genres could be a risky investment considering their popularity, but Voice Of The Unheard uses common sense and picks up the bands worth releasing on vinyl… Read More PVST / Meüte – Split LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)

Zimogroz – Old Mystic Lore CD (Geenger Records)

With a wide array of a very diverse artist on its roster, Geenger Records proved relevance, not only on a regional but on a worldwide publishing scale. Take a closer examination of their back catalog, analyze a couple of previously published records, and you’ll realize what I am talking about. Geenger Records definitely seek quality,… Read More Zimogroz – Old Mystic Lore CD (Geenger Records)

Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Coilguns are operating as a complex singular sonic mechanism based on technical harmonizations, chaotic melodic sequences, massive drop-tuned riffages, and mathematically precise drumbeats. These skillful Swiss musicians are hailing from La Chaux De Fonds, and their existence is solely based on firing sonic equations stacked within highly energetic clusters. The band has delivered loads of… Read More Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP (Fysisk Format)

These guys somehow sneaked under the radars of our blog, but luckily for our hearing apparatus, we’re covering their debut album today. Agenda is a powerful d-beat/crust quartet hailing from Stavanger, Norway, and so far the band has recorded a Demo (2013), Menneskehetens Massegrav 12” EP (Negative Vibes, 2014), 7” split release with Mørkt Kapittel… Read More Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP (Fysisk Format)

Bob Malmström – Länge Leve Bob Malmström EP (Elitbolaget Records)

Bob Malmström is a Finnish quartet comprised of some skillful musicians who are playing something between crust punk, black metal, and hardcore punk, but in a very sarcastic way. Their well-produced music is followed up by a very luxurious lifestyle, including some fancy wardrobe, drinking expensive champaigne, smoking Cuban cigarettes, driving fast expensive cars and… Read More Bob Malmström – Länge Leve Bob Malmström EP (Elitbolaget Records)