Capsaicin – Tales Of Melted Ars LP


The Czech Republic crust punk scene always had a special place in my heart, and the number of Czech top-notch punk bands retain as a constant mindblowing fact in my mind. There’s something about these bands that keeps my attention for nearly two decades. Capsaicin is another great crust punk band off the production line, originating from the historical city of Prague. The group started its musical endeavors in 2019, and Tales Of Melted Ars is, what I firmly believe, the debut album for this incredible quartet. Capsaicin melts down everything in the nearest radius with their ferocious approach to the genre. Surely, there’s a notable resemblance with heavyweights such as Extreme Noise Terror and Disrupt, but these Czech crusties levitate towards blackened and neo-crust aesthetics. The Swedish melodic death metal and neo-crust scene certainly left their immeasurable marks on Capsaicin’s highly contagious music. By contagious, I meant about darkened melodies that hypnotize the consumer right with the very first notes. Dueling guitars burst with addictive melancholic harmonizations on one, and dominantly distorted riffages on the other side, while the precise rhythm section shreds everything apart in the background. The entire band punches right between the eyes with marvelous orchestrations that transmit a sinister atmosphere throughout the album. Various drumming maneuvers provide complete savagery through fast-paced beats, much faster than those performed by Discharge, Dischange, Anti-Cimex, Disclose, Disgust, and other renowned d-beat clones. Despite being heavily inspired by rhythmical acrobatics of d-beat, Capsaicin leans towards the modern neo-crust scene, heavily popularized during the last decade or so. The song structures are more advanced, heavier, metallic, but still floats around regular crust punk aesthetics. There’s a certain resemblance with groups such as Martyrdöd, Skitsystem, November 13th, Unkind, Tragedy, but it seems that Capsaicin delivers the exact grimy, dark, depressive ambiance on another level. The group nails down horrific ambiance of the world we’re currently living in through dystopian sonic imagery perfectly arranged to accommodate the hellish situation. As far as I am informed, Tales Of Melted Ars is available at Capsaicin Bandcamp free of charge, but I hope this album will receive a deserved vinyl treatment in the nearest future.

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