PVST / Meüte – Split LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)


Voice Of The Unheard has been active in recent months by publishing some exceptional records regarding genres such as emo, screamo, indie, post-rock, and punk rock. Some of these genres could be a risky investment considering their popularity, but Voice Of The Unheard uses common sense and picks up the bands worth releasing on vinyl format. The split record between PVST and Meüte categorizes as one of those releases, because of the remarkable sound provided by involved acts, and a comprehensive amalgam of genres delivered on both sides. PVST comes from Bordeaux, France, and their music can be best described as a pleasing combination of emo, screamo, and post-rock music. The group occupies A-Side of the vinyl with six monumental compositions that float somewhere between pleasant emotiveness, chaotic screams, and echoic melodics. Brilliantly structured melodies are penetrating the ambiance with gracious dosages of melancholy, sadness, and anxiety. The constant presence of these technicalities paired by complex rhythmical maneuvers fulfills the room with an anxious cognition of the inability to change things for better. However, this exact atmosphere will suit the admirers of technically demanding emo sound, who are also profoundly interested in post-rock aesthetics. The transitions from calm atmospheric harmonizations to more aggressive segments are orchestrated until perfection as well. PVST deserve a much broader audience, so I recommend you to pay attention to this magnificent French band. Meüte share the same location as the previous group, and their sonic weapon of choice is quite similar. Unlike PVST, who are using both French and English language to articulate their emotions, Meüte is solely relying on their native language. Despite being likewise to PVST, Meüte leans towards much darker waters. Besides emotive hardcore, their music embraces some characteristics of black metal, neo-crust, and post-hardcore. The chants are much closer to shouting than screaming, and the entire group focuses much more on the exact sound. Meüte spans so many genres altogether that it is hard enough to encompass them all in one listening. The dominance of blackened riffages has been disturbed by a depressive melancholic neo-crust aesthetic, and technicalities characteristic for math-core. The band organizes their expansive musicianship into seven delicate compositions full of some surprising moments. These moments may sound disturbing to the newbies to the mentioned genres, but it will expand the overall listening experience to those who are in it for decades. Meüte delves deep into darkest depths with raw emotions, marvelous melodies, and excellent drumming performances. Another notable characteristic of this astounding split record is that these groups have separated their portions of the split with interesting titles. Therefore, A-Side has been simplistically named as Seuls, while the B-Side carries the title of Entre Chiens Le Coups. Both bands have provided the artworks for their sides, but there’s an extra artwork sleeve that decorates this exceptional record even more. Voice Of The Unheard has published this record in collaboration with Dingleberry Records, so please check out both labels and support their work by purchasing this piece of plastic.



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