The Idoru – Old Songs 7” (Black Star Foundation)


The Idoru is back! The group emerging from the legendary Hungarian metalcore band Newborn is back after being on hiatus for nearly a decade. The band managed dozen of underground headliner tours throughout Europe since their formation in 2003 and released the impressive amount of great recordings such as After The Storm demo, Brand New Way, Brand New Situation, Hopeless Illusions, Monologue, Face The Light, and Time. Old Songs is their brand new offering that serves as a fresh start for the group, considering the big break they’ve made. However, this material proceeds right there where the band stopped before, but with more advanced production and loads of marvelous ideas. This 7” commences with an astounding opening tune called Old Songs. Right with the opening notes, The Idoru showcases immeasurable progress transmitted through remarkable chanting segments, enhanced by pairing singalongs. Notable guitar works provide loads of catchy harmonizations that levitate somewhere between delightful emotiveness of melodic punk rock, and post-hardcore aesthetics. Old Songs possesses all the vital elements of contemporary musical trends, and the outstanding performance by the entire group goes beyond comprehension. The complete song bursts with excellent arrangements, structured orchestrations, and a subtle dosage of melancholy that demands repetitious listening from the consumer. Lost Faith begins with a simplistic snare drum fill that indicates even more harmonious virtuosities mainly showcased through calmy arpeggiated guitar dualities. These dualities have been supported by the massive sound of bass guitar that serves as a compounding element between mentioned instrumentations and energetic drumming performance. Speaking of arrangements, Lost Faith comes nearly to Old Songs, but it retains a delicate chorus filled with another dosage of group chants and the broader array of sonic implementations. This composition also grasps transitions from the calmer verses to moderate pre-chorus sequences. It’s such a transitional track between Old Songs, and Unacceptable, which comes like a cherry on the top. The Idoru has decided to speed things a little bit with this number, which indicates the closure of this comeback material. This particular composition demonstrates how intelligent songwriting should be, in my honest opinion. The Idoru included the essence of melodic hardcore over highly addictive emotive narrations that retain elements of both contemporary post-hardcore and skate punk trends. The gradual changes in tempo are leading the listener through all the possible scenarios that are unquestionably unpredictable, but pleasing. The impressive chants, polyphonic dualities, and energetic maneuvers of the rhythm section are still there, but they’re even more empowered by thoughtful arrangements and marvelous songwriting. The Idoru has made a proper comeback on the scene with an impressive material that will cheer their longstanding fans, and gather some newbies under their branch. This magnificent recording is the definitive statement of the band that simply shouts they’re back and here to stay. This impressive 7” has been published by Black Star Foundation. Head over to their website and order a vinyl if you’re into perfectly executed post-hardcore.

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