Exploatör – Avgrundens Brant LP (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)


There are rumors about this record circling among underground circles. Although I’ve missed the initial release date for a couple of months, this highly anticipated release has already achieved the vinyl of the year status among some scenesters. I’ve received this news with no surprise knowing that musicians surrounding Exploatör have earned previous experience in renowned bands such as Totalitär, Warcollapse, Dischange, Meanwhile, Disfear, Krigshot, Slutet, Katastrof, Institution, Brainbombs, Napalm A.D., Desperate Fix, Kvoteringen, and No Security. The current bandmembers left the indelible mark by being the integral participants in building the Swedish d-beat scene. Avgrundens Brant is a proper continuation of the self-titled debut album by these experienced musicians, comprised of ten ferocious compositions. If you somehow missed their debut or you’re not entirely aware of their previous groups, Exploatör explores the obscure Swedish hardcore punk sound, heavily exploited by dozen of similar bands before. The first name that comes up in my mind would be Totalitär because of the incredible similarities and relations between these bands. Besides Poffen, who shares vocal duties in both acts, Exploatör identically pairs powerful Swedish hardcore riffages with the acrobatics of d-beat rhythms. This is a straightforward homage to eighties Swedish hardcore punk we all dearly love but with some notable improvements, mainly showcased through more advanced production technics. The guitars provide raging four-chord progressions that include loads of half-step tones characteristic for this particular genre. These intense guitar shreddings have been empowered by simplistic solos and appealing decorations that can be noticed throughout the album. The abrasive riffages have been disrupted by maniacal d-beat chops that surrender chaotic atmosphere but also provide immense dynamics to the overall listening experience. The rhythmical structures of these compositions perfectly pair to compelling distortion transmitted by both guitars. Exploatör undoubtfully depicts the upgraded version of Swedish hardcore punk through these tracks, but the essence of preceding bands hides somewhere in the delicate details. Avgrundens Brant has been published on vinyl by Phobia Records and ByeBye Productions.

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