Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair CD


Scavengers Circle is a newly established crustcore duo from Västerås, Sweden. The band is comprised of Luka, who’s in charge of all the guitars, bass, vocals, and Johan who’s behind drums. Johan is also responsible for some additional vocals on this material. Beyond Repair is their debut full-length recording comprised of six ferocious compositions that will immediately restore your faith in crust punk music. Scavengers Circle has incorporated all the vital elements of hardcore punk, the dirtiness of stench core, aggressiveness of crust punk, and ferocious d-beat savagery, mainly showcased through the brilliant rhythm section. These recordings also possess notable metal and rock’n’roll moments, incorporated under the massive layers of predominant crust punk riffages. These detailed moments are enhancing the overall listening experience, and they’re definitely adding a lot of accent to certain segments with some very creative ideas. To be more precise, these compositions are thoughtfully arranged, so Beyond Repair doesn’t appear with the same old recycled material, performed all over again by dozen of crust punk bands before. Quite the contrary, Scavengers Circle is maintaining quality throughout the entire recording by incorporating multidisciplinary technics into the foundations of crust punk music. The ferocious riffages have been provided by impressive shredding, while the slightly distorted basslines are supporting pleasant cacophony with additional layers of distortion. Both instruments have been wondrously recorded, and they certainly sound like a charm altogether. Nothing would be possible without a raging rhythm section, which has been performed with so much precision. Vocal dualities have been performed by a scream and growl technics, and they’re also precisely executed to add another additional layer of ferociousness to this material. Perhaps Beyond Repair is their debut recording, but Scavengers Circle has recorded the entire material like they’ve been doing this for a very long time. Each composition outstands with some unique qualities, but on the other hand, the entire material sounds so firm, disciplined, and aggressive from start to finish. Beyond Repair has been published by the band in the spirit of DIY, and it comes as a digipack CD with astonishing artwork of scavenger on the front. The inlay includes all the possible pieces of information about the band. This variant of Beyond Repair includes two high-quality stickers as well, but you can definitely check out the Scavengers Circle Bandcamp page if you’re prefer streaming music online.

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