North Alone – Punk Is Dad CD (Country Bumpkin Records / Mad Drunken Monkey)


Manuel North is a German folk-punk solo artist, also known as North Alone. Besides his responsibilities on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Manuel is almost always accompanied by So-Kumneth Sim, who’s performing on fiddle. North Alone has been also composed of additional musicians such as Chris Knoke on electric guitar, Michael Groom on bass guitar, Matthias Schmidt on drums, and they are completing the band with their remarkable musicianship. Manuel is a highly productive artist, with over 350 shows in a last four years, and so far he supported/performed with some notable names such as Flogging Molly, New Model Army, Levellers, Dave Hause, Lucero, Walter Schreifels, Kevin Devine, Billy The Kid, Rob Lynch, plus many many more on his neverending travels through vast world of folk-punk music. During the several years, North Alone has published some impressive recordings like Collecting Pictures CD (2013), Greetings From Someone Else 7” (2015), Cure And Disease LP/CD (2015), Rare And Short CD/10” EP (2016), and Next Stop CA LP/CD (2018). Punk Is Dad is his latest offering to wider audiences that have been published at the beginning of 2020. With great assurance, I can verify Punk Is Dad endangers to become one of the greatest folk-punk albums of a year, at it’s only been a month and a half since 2020. has started. The entire recording appears amazingly good from start to finish due to various ingredients, which have been implemented throughout the complete album. North Alone definitely delves deep into the foundations of folk and country sound, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Manuel combines elements of melodic punk rock, reggae, or even ska music at some points, so this fine blend appears surprisingly exalted in every conceivable way. These incredible enhancements are the main reason why Punk Is Dad appears and sounds incredible in its entirety. Both acoustic and electric guitars are precisely polarized, so you’ll surely notice each strumming, shredding, and chord progressions. Handpicked basslines are spicing things up with it’s warm, organic, and undoubtfully rich sound. The glorious sounds of fiddle and violin are responsible for the ultimate serving of delightful harmonizations, and they’re positively enhancing the music of North Alone with all those catchy themes. Magnificent drumming is beyond comprehension throughout the entire recording, so the rhythm section unquestionably embraces the wide array of dynamics on Punk Is Dad, mainly because of the extraordinary quantity of utilized rhythmical variations on each composition. Manuel’s vocals maintain firm, stable, confident, and his voice undoubtfully possesses certain charisma. He remains as the centerpiece of his work, so you’ll be positively surprised with his performance, and the performance of the complete band as well. Besides these fascinating compositions, North Alone has covered Silly Girl by Descendents, which has been enhanced by the glorious sounds of a violin. Without a question, Manuel thought about each segment of Punk Is Dad, and you’ll be positively blown away if you’re a true fan of folk-punk music. Punk Is Dad has been published on vinyl and compact disc by Country Bumpkin Records, and Mad Drunken Monkey, but you can also check out these awesome tunes at their Spotify page.

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