Hedoromeruhen – Airs CD (Attenuation Circuits)


Hedoromeruhen is a Japanese noise duo comprised of Daisuke Ichiba and Yasutoshi Yoshida. They’ve met each other on an exhibition in Berlin in 2012, and they were both stimulated by each other performances, so they’ve determined to start Hedoromeruhen. With Daisuke being a painter and visual artist known as Bijinga, and Yasutoshi being a well known harsh noise artist under his moniker Government Alpha, these very prolific artists have created audio/visual project that can be best described as an in-depth exploration into underground experimental noise music. Hedoromeruhen is incorporating various technics to foundations of experimental noise, so there’s a wide array of other elements such as industrial, ambient, drone, electronica, techno, but also various chord progressions, weird harmonics, and choirs, resulting in a very energetic performance that sound as a well-orchestrated maelstrom. The sonic weaponry that’s been used for this recordings is utterly insane. Enormously exploited guitar effects such as reverb, delay, echo, chorus, harmonizer, pitch shifter, are deliberately enhancing these glorious experimentations with various sound sources. Speaking of sound sources, you will find a full specter of field recordings, samples, chants, weird beats, rhythmical sequences, scratches, ambient, and drone segments, so Hedoromeruhen spent quite a while working on this album. Airs represent an industrial twist on Japanese harsh noise, so the sound is a little bit more polished and saturated with a purpose to deliver a much broader perspective on this traditionally crude genre. In my honest opinion, both artists achieved great success with Hedoromeruhen, mainly because of their knowledge, experience, and common sense to avoid another basic approach to harsh noise. Instead of recording another repetitious noise recording, they’ve taken a step further, and have created a powerful album that will surely suit to both industrial and noise fans. Airs have been published on compact disc by Attenuation Circuit, but can also stream it at label’s Bandcamp page.

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