Bob Malmström / Dispyt -Split 7” (Elitbolaget)


As we promised a while ago, we’re covering the highly anticipated Bob Malmström / Dispyt split 7” release. To serve as a reminder, this is the third and final edition of a split record, which Bob Malmström decided to share with fellow bands. Previous versions included The Enchained on the first edition and Tvärnitad on a second edition. These editions are serving as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bob Malmström, and you can grab them separately or housed in the deluxe wooden box, which will be sent to customers sometime in July. As usual, both bands are equally present with a couple of compositions per side. For those who are encountering Bob Malmström for the first time, you can expect a very dynamic mixture of fierce hardcore punk, saturated with heavy doses of thrash metal. The band coordinates these elements with such ease and leaves desolation in the wider radius by providing ferociously compact sound. Bob Malmström commences with Helsingfors Borgarmangel, featuring Jonas Ekroos of Tvärnitad. This particular number renders gracious servings of crossover thrash guitar shreddings, empowered with hardcore punk aesthetics. Dual vocals enhance the raging atmosphere even more, while the dynamics of the entire rhythm section are delivering a massive output to the rest of the group. Such an amazing overture for what’s about to come next. Låt Pampen Sjunga emits another side of Bob Malmström by surrendering giant melodic punk rock clusters to the wider audiences. To be fair, I am not familiar with their explorations in the vast world of melancholic punk rock harmonizations, and Låt Pampen Sjunga comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise. Dispyt anticipates on the other side of this already tremendous 7” record. The band is well known in the underground circles for their grimy version of blackened crust punk. The band also offered two compositions that contain high levels of obscurely sinister riffages. Min Sanna Vän liberates ultimate power through ultra-melodic neo-crust melodies, which have been enhanced by crispy d-beat rhythms in the background. This singular tune retains certain doses of evilness, perhaps because of the chord progressions used throughout the entire track. Svept I Vita Lakan continues the outrageous sonic blasphemy with pondering blastbeats, and this complete track leans much more toward black metal aesthetics than crust punk orchestrations. Besides powerful blastbeats, this number contains a punchy mid-tempo verse that all of a sudden transits into a d-beat choruses empowered by growly singalongs. Both sides are equally good, and both Bob Malmström and Dispyt offer a wide array of diversities that will entertain the listening apparatus for a while. The number of progressions, transitions, and intersections throughout these compositions depicts bright imagery about the quality of these bands. Therefore, this third edition of Bob Malmström’s 10th anniversary split series crosschecks the career of this band but also surrenders a sneak peek of the direction the band is heading to. Please check out Elitbolaget for more information about the ordering, and don’t miss the chance to grab these magnificent editions in the deluxe wooden box.



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