Flies Are Spies From Hell – Final Quiet LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)


This is the first time I’ve been listening to Flies Are Spies From Hell, and their music left me speechless, to say the least. The band originates from London, UK, and so far they released a demo recording, dozen of singles / EPs such as Mountain Language EP, Tour Single, Remix EP, and Nerves Still Beating EP. Flies Are Spies From Hell also published a couple of full-length recordings such as Red Eyes Unravelling, Underdog Undone (Ambient Remixes), and Underdog Underfoot. Behind a very interesting band name hides an entire spectrum of melancholic compositions enhanced by beautiful themes performed on a reverb clean piano tones. This remarkable piano-led thematics provide a pleasant ambient, almost cinematic feel to the presented compositions. However, these themes are just predominant covering layers, woven of thoughtfully arranged tones. Underneath these layers, there’s an entire world of orchestrations ready to be discovered. Flies Are Spies From Hell worked out all the possible scenarios for Final Quiet until they’ve reached orchestral catharsis, resulting in nine marvelous compositions. The aforementioned piano themes have been drenched into slow motion arpeggiated chord progressions, numerous moderate math-rock alike maneuvers, and complex ambient post-rock clusters. Simplified low-end tones of bass guitar maintain a massive atmospheric ambiance throughout the entire recording, but also provide immense support to the rhythm section. Excellent drumming performance saturates all these instrumentations by intensifying certain segments with delicate accentuations, mainly performed through an entire pleiad of drum fills and improvisations. There’s an unquestionably genuine emotiveness laying somewhere beneath the exceptional musicianship of this experienced quintet. These skillful musicians play their music with a high dosage of feelings involved, and their melancholic expressiveness demonstrates how deeply they’re committed to the instrumental wonderments presented on Final Quiet. This particular recording contains gracious quantities of highly emotive ambiance, melancholic post-rock moments, remarkable intersections into indie waters, and enormously dynamic drumming performances. Therefore, Final Quiet will definitely suit to admirers of saddened piano-led post-rock atmospherics, saturated with uncountable beautiful moments. Final Quiet has been published on vinyl record by Voice Of The Unheard Records, a French record label specialized in post-rock, indie-punk, screamo, emo, and post-hardcore music. Pay them a visit and check out their entire roster, comprised of wonderful bands.

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