Sonofabeat – Back To Reality CD (People Of Punk Rock Records)


People Of Punk Rock Records went on a winning streak with this year with loads of published works since the beginning of 2020, and there’s still a lot more promising records to come in the forthcoming months. This prolific Canadian record label located in Quebec City possess the sixth sense when it comes to publishing wondrously executed skate punk music. That’s unquestionably the case about the record we’re writing about today. Back To Reality is the latest offering to the wider audience by Sonofabeat, Canadian skate punk band commencing from Saguenay, Quebec. Being active since 1993, the band has loads of experience on their backs, and their motivation to demonstrate the sheer power of skate punk music never faded. To serve as a reminder, Sonofabeat has previously published two full-length records such as Hidden From Reality (1997), and Don’t Touch Anymore (1999), both published by Baz Records. After numerous line-up changes, the band broke up in 2001, but they’re back stronger than ever. Without further ado, let’s dive straight to their recent recording. Back To Reality comprises of nine energetic numbers that offer a proper walkthrough through fundamentals of brilliantly executed skate punk music. Sonofabeat profoundly examines this distinctive genre by including all the vital elements of the mid-nineties’ melodic punk rock scene, the era when this distinctive subgenre emerged from anonymity. These compositions are fully charged with sincere emotions, and entirely drenched into ferocious instrumentations of the complete group. The band showcases exceptional musicianship right with the first beats of the record. This material possesses enormous dosages of melodies, mainly demonstrated through catchy four-chord segments, clever harmonizations, technically precise guitar scales, and numerous themes performed through loads of octaves. Judging by the song structures involved in this particular recording, it seems that Sonofabeat were heavily inspired by bands such as Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All, Venerea, Adhesive, and Belvedere because of a certain vibe that reminiscent the music of the aforementioned bands. However, Sonofbeat includes even more virtuosities and rhythmical maneuvers throughout Back To Reality. The band also nurtures subtle aggression of melodic hardcore and deals with the catchiness of pop-punk music at some points, but these elements serve only as decorations, while the main focus remains on skate punk sound. Numbers such as Cruise Control, Liar, Break The Chains, Sorry Nancy, and Gambling With My Mind are among personal favorites, but I am positively sure you’ll solely enjoy it during the entire album. Back To Reality is available on digipack CD at People Of Punk Rock Records website, so go ahead and treat yourself with some marvelous skate punk music.

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