Hate It Too – Lampshading (Hell For Breakfast)


It’s nearly impossible to count down every good Canadian skate punk band, mainly because of the sheer amount of quality bands across the entire state. Hate It Too is a melodic punk rock quartet emerging out of Quebec City, Quebec. The group was formed back in 2008, and so far they published a couple of recordings such as It’s About Time EP, a single called Cyanide Teeth, and a debut full-length album entitled Purple Mountains. Lampshading is their latest recording, which includes eleven outstanding punk rock compositions. It would be so foolish to classify Hate It Too under only one belt because their music contains much more than plain melodic punk rock sound. Besides the obvious flirting with aesthetics of technically demanding skate punk rock music, Hate It Too includes the pure essence of melodic hardcore dynamics and the emotiveness of pop-punk sound. Can’t escape the feeling these guys have been heavily inspired by some indie music as well, because you may find gracious portions of this genre floating somewhere in the air while listening to Lampshading. Therefore, Lampshading bursts loads of various melodic virtuosities throughout the aforementioned material, mainly comprised of astonishingly arranged harmonizations, dual guitar progressions, and other highly energetic guitar shreddings. These guitar dualities have been soaked into equally hearable basslines and intense drumming maneuvers. The intense shootouts are adding some extra layers of dynamics over these incredible orchestrations, and timbre of the lead vocalist is nicely pairing with presented sounds throughout the entire album. Lampshading sounds interesting and entertaining, compositions are well-defined through a wide array of clever arrangements, and Hate It Too paid a lot of attention to the production as well. If you’re looking out for a much deeper examination of their sound, or you simply desire to know are there any comparable bands to Hate It To, this distinctive quartet could be easily compared with Propagandhi, Cigar, The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere and This Is A Standoff. The band easily crosses genres in a matter of seconds, intersecting with loads of melodic hardcore, post-hardcore, pop-punk, indie decorations, but Hate It Too retains their recognizable sound throughout the album. The Lampshade has been published by Hell For Breakfast Records, but you can also listen/support the band by purchasing the album through their Bandcamp page.

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