Ephilexia – Melancholia


Ephilexia is an outstanding math-rock / post-rock act commencing from Budapest, Hungary. The project entirely operates by Károlyi Gábor, who’s been identified for his participation as a bass player in Silent Island, and Realm Of Wolves. Ephilexia has published a couple of full-length recordings since initial formation in 2017, such as Ones We Loved, Pray For Our Parents, Hope Is Our God, and Sun, Please, Explode. Therefore, Melancholia is the fifth full-length studio recording by this remarkable act that has so much to offer to the wider audience. With the notable cooperation of his fellow bandmate István Csarnogurszky (Silent Island, Realm Of Wolves, Black Hill, and Stvannyr), Gábor explores profoundly emotive aspects of ambient post-rock music, which has been highlighted by remarkable progressive math-rock improvisations. Besides gracious emotive involvements mainly comprised of subtle atmospheric notes, Ephilexia explores progressive harmonizations, technically demanding chord progressions, and intense thematics accomplished by vigorous tapping technics. The principal focus has been shifted towards exceptional low-end tones, entirely performed by Gábor. These low-end tones include the same tapping technics and remarkable progressive scales. Both bass and lead guitars have been equally polarized to accommodate technically demanding math-rock basis of Ephilexia, drenched into dreamy shoegaze ambiance that gleams in the very background. These complex orchestrations have been showcased through Gábor’s excellent songwriting, delicate composing, intelligent arrangements, and inviolable musicianship. Nothing would be possible without rhythmical maneuvers performed by Bálint Kontra (Boneyard, Sleeping Forever = Dreaming Forever), who done outstanding work on this one. The compositions are very detailed and solely structured according to post-rock foundations, without being entirely drenched into echo/delay/reverb effect. Ephilexia somehow reached common ground between the sharpy math-rock schematics and monolithic post-rock atmospherics. Gábor thought about every possible detail during the songwriting / composing process, so each number pairs incredible dynamics with notable melodies throughout the album. Melancholia has been accompanied by a tremendous digital painting of a rabbit sleeping under the moonlight. This visual identity showcases the dreamy landscape that entirely accommodates the aesthetics of Melancholia but also partially completes the story about the musical approach of this remarkable Hungarian act. Melancholia is available digitally at all streaming services.

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