Double Negative – Fractured Paracosm CD (People Of Punk Rock Records)


First of all, this band is not to be mistaken with Double Negative that emerges from Raleigh, North Carolina. Although they’re belonging to the almost similar subgenre, this British version of Double Negative delivers complex melodic skate punk orchestrations, therefore there’s not even the slightest resemblance between these two bands. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Double Negative shares band members from both the United Kingdom and South Africa, so they can easily be categorized as an international band. The band has began in 1996 by claiming NOFX, Offspring, Good Riddance, Bad Religion, No Use For A Name, Craig’s Brother, and Undeclinable Ambuscade as the main source of inspiration. Their current discography counts loads of recordings such as The First And Last Remain (1999), Stand Back And Yell (2001), Im Not Stupid EP (2003), Enough To Stay Standing (2004), Before The X Sears Us (2005), Walk Away In Unison (2005), Vision Of The Future (2006), An End (2006), Nuclear Family (2007), UnMutual (2008), and When We’re Gone (2016). Judging by their comprehensive discography, Double Negative never wasted time when it comes to composing and recording quality music. That’s the case with Fractured Paracosm, their latest record, which includes a tremendous collection of technically demanding skate punk compositions. Perhaps the band stated those aforementioned punk rock heavyweights as their primary source of inspiration, but Double Negative reaches incomparably beyond the simplistic musicianship, mainly showcased by those bands. The band developed through the decades and somehow managed to retain the essence of the nineties skate punk sound, but still incorporate necessary virtuosities presented on the contemporary punk rock scene. Through incredibly arranged numbers such as Wait For Me, Hatsune Miku, In The Water, White Cross, Only Static, Letting The Atoms Breathe, Shape Shifter, Age Of Apathy, Burden, Double Negative highlights their marvelous instrumentations without being repetitious, and predictable. Fractured Paracosm includes a couple of guest appearances by Dennis Jaggard of Ten Foot Pole, Pat Decline of The Decline, Émilie Plamondon of 50 Shades Of Punk Rock / Excuse Me Mister / Punk Détente Radio Show. All these guest appearances intensified the wondrous song structures of Fractured Paracosm, but to be impartial, I mostly relished in Burden featuring Émilie, where she expertly demonstrated her mindblowing vocal abilities. The rest of the guests also performed their partitions quite well, but incomparably good towards Émilie’s colossal chants. Besides guest appearances, Double Negative gave their best through astonishing chord progressions, catchy harmonizations, various guitar shreds, technically precise basslines, fully energized drumming performance, and outstanding vocals by Paul Stevenson, the main man behind Double Negative. Fractured Paracosm has been published on a compact disc by People Of Punk Rock Records, a record label from Quebec with a remarkable back catalog.

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