Deny – Dystopia LP (Flyktsoda Records)


Deny is a Swedish hardcore punk band that has been active since mid-nineties. The band has been established in Töreboda in 1995. and has published numerous recordings such as Demo (1996), Beware Of The Witch EP (1997), Last Of Deny First Generation EP (1997), Fucked CD (1997), I Hate Jesus 10” (1999), F.I.G.H.T. EP (2001), Out Of Tears EP (2018), Parasite Paradise EP (2018), and Past Paradise EP (2019). The band has announced a brand new album with a couple of singles like Never Let Go and Dystopia, and at the beginning of the new year has published the album simplistically entitled Dystopia. Deny went through various lineup changes throughout their career, but the band remained loyal to the Swedish hardcore music which has been intervened with bits and pieces of crust punk, d-beat, and a couple of other slightly modern influences. The band delivers outrageous portions of uncompromising energy through fourteen brilliant hardcore punk numbers and each composition has been enhanced with subtle melodic guitar sequences that are so characteristic for the Swedish punk scene. Still, the band maintains ferociousness, stamina, and fury though powerfull fast-paced rhythm section, enormous portions of slightly distorted basslines and interesting guitar progressions. Both lead vocals, back vocals, and singalongs are also adding loads of rage to the overall listening experience and the vocal arrangements are nicely done. The lyrics are dealing with standard socio-political issues such as existential crisis, various political issues, religious propaganda, and failures of the capitalist system. The band also grows concerns about the worldwide uprising of right-wing groups, criticizes racism and displays warning signs about evergrowing global climate changes. Deny has undoubtfully put a lot of effort into Dystopia and this record showcases certain progress comparing to their previous recordings. The band demonstrates sheer aggression through enormously dynamic compositions and brilliant lyricism, so Dystopia will suit to all the fans of a politically charged hardcore punk music. The album has been published on vinyl by Flyktsoda Records and it’s available directly from a label, but you can also check it out at Deny’s Bandcamp page.

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