Frail Hands – Parted/Departed/Apart LP (Twelve Gauge Records)


Frail Hands caught my attention a couple of years ago when they’ve published a split record with Ghost Spirit, so I am following their amazing work since then. The band has also published a debut self-titled record in 2017. and this particular material assured me that these guys are not kidding at all, so my appreciation for their work became even greater. The band spent almost three years working on a second album and the wait has unquestionably paid off. Parted/Departed/Apart offers an even deeper exploration into the vast universe of technically demanding emo, screamo, and post-hardcore music. Frail Hands evolved into experienced musicians who are challenging their musical possibilities, shape them into beautiful melancholic formations and expose them with exceptional dynamics. Guitars are providing enormous portions of various shredding progressions, mostly presented through interesting arpeggios, octave melodies, and chromatic scales. These melancholic endeavors have been supported by immensely detailed drumming which consists of technically precise segments and drum fills. These two elements have been supported by the extensive basslines which are transmitting loads of power to the entire band. Lead vocals are showcasing a full specter of screaming maneuvers which are painting an even brighter picture about the entire material. This particular singing technic displays all the emotions which have been gradually involved in the lyrics. Frail Hands covers a wide array of various topics in their numbers such as relationships, lost friendships, love, betrayal, various situations, and circumstances. All songs have been written from a personal perspective, but in a much more concise form, so Parted/Departed/Apart sound and appears as a personal chronicle. Unlike the greater portion of the bands in the same genre, Frail Hands are retaining their compositions short, therefore the entire album seems to be more attractive because of its complexity, discordance, and durability. Parted/Departed/Apart has been published on vinyl by the Twelve Gauge Records, but the entire album is also available for digital streaming at the band’s Bandcamp page.

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