Old Man Soul Club - Modern Jimmy

Old Man Soul Club – Modern Jimmy

Old Man Soul Club - Modern Jimmy

Old Man Soul Club is a group of experienced musicians that produces music for all occasions, moods, and seasons. Their music embraces every possible genre you could even imagine, and their exceptional musicianship shifts these genres to an entirely new level. Since the formation, this London, UK-based group released recordings such as a debut full-length Count Your Blessings, Moving Around EP, singles like Together, Two Into One, and The Streets. Recently, the group released another brilliant full-length album that will knock your socks off with a comprehensive collection of melodies and grooves. Expect nothing but fully detailed compositions that are exploring beyond the boundaries of rock music.

Modern Jimmy is a conceptual album about fictional characters included within other conceptual albums, compositions, and movies. The group explores these thematics by examining the present and future events of these characters and their descendants, and talks about how various moments, situations, circumstances treated them during a lifetime. It’s such a unique theme for an album and certainly one for countless hours of thinking. Modern Jimmy carries sixteen delicate compositions, fully stacked with an impressive musicianship that keeps attention from scratch to finish. Each composition embraces the aesthetics of an album but also carries some unique vibes that are not specified in other songs. This material could easily pass as a complex rock’n’roll album if we would look at it in simplistic terms, but as is usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye.

Old Man Soul Club incorporates progressive rock, rock’n’roll, pub rock, indie rock, alternative rock, British psychedelia, psychedelic rock, psychedelic funk, funk, rhythm and blues, blues, new retro, soul, pop-punk, experimental, electronic, and field recordings into their music. It’s an expansive list of genres involved throughout the entire album, but believe me, this is how Modern Jimmy precisely sounds. It’s a colorful, delicate, comprehensive amalgam of complementary elements that are uplifting their musicianship to another level. Every note, beat, articulation, and chant is incorporated into the structure with such precision, knowledge, and exceptional understanding for composing. Nevertheless, Modern Jimmy is an easy-listening material despiting the complex maneuvers showcased by the entire band. You’ll grasp all the melodies, harmonies, beats, chants with such ease, and you will crave for more.

Modern Jimmy comes on a compact disc limited to 50 copies, but it’s also available at streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. This material seeks your complete attention, so I highly advise you to listen to it with open minds and hearts. Don’t miss the album that threatens to become a timeless classic.


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