Egoera – Fortuna CD


Egoera is an intense instrumental post-rock trio commencing from Athens, Greece. This creative group of highly experienced musicians has been formed in 2013 and managed to release a demo recording in 2014, and a single called Virtues in 2016. This year indicates a large milestone for the band, considering they’re coming back on the post-rock scene with a debut full-length recording simplistically entitled Fortuna. It took four long years for the Egoera to compose, arrange and record Fortuna, and the progress is more than hearable throughout the entire album. Egoera compiled seven striking melodic compositions saturated with loads of remarkable melancholic moments, but also stacked with numerous notable surprised hidden beneath the pleasant layers of brilliant instrumentations. Fortuna indulges hearing apparatus through multidisciplinary orchestrations, and the group took a definite step further by including graciously highlighted elements taken from various musical genres. Perhaps the post-rock is their primary weapon of choice, but the musical intelligence of Egoera proceeds even further to the marvelous sonic explorations through the vast universe of ambient rock, post-metal, post-hardcore, shoegaze, sludge, neoclassic, classic, and indie music. Beautifully precise clean arpeggios, melancholic harmonizations, chord progressions, and various thematics have been disturbed by powerful riffages and other guitar shreddings at the second guitar channel. Guitar dualities are enforcing even more magnificent walkthroughs through the spectacular world of post-rock sound. These dueling guitars have been boosted by robust low-end tones, which liberate enormous portions of massiveness through thoughtfully combined basslines. The rhythm section shreds everything in the broader radius through exceptional drumming performance. The swings, the precision, and the execution included through the entire album are unquestionably mindblowing. Egoera includes subtle elements of the aforementioned genres to enhance the omnipresent dynamics, so Fortuna appears to be even luxurious in sound than most of the post-rock albums currently lurking around on the contemporary scene. The definite excellence of Fortuna lays deep down in dominant delicate melodies, remarkable melancholy, calmy atmosphere, and more chaotic counterparts involved in this outstanding recording. The auditors will be stuck in a dilemma while accumulating favorite compositions because each number carries certain qualities, and the complete album becomes even greater after a couple of listenings. Fortuna has been published on a digipack compact disc by the band, so head over to their Bandcamp page and order this magnificent post-rock amalgam.


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