German Castro – The Passion of German Castro (Nailbat Tapes)


What do you get when you mix up noise rock, stoner, sludge and vocals full of anger and bitterness. You get German Castro, amazing band from Nashville, Tenessee. Their music is fuzzy, dirty, sometimes chaotic, a little bit depressive from times to times, but it will hit you like a brick in the head with heavy vocals, heavy riffs and slowdown tempos. ”The Passion Of German Castro” is their retrospective tape including self-titled demo, previously unreleased studio and rehearsal tracks, tracks from split release with Makeup And Vanity, Sounds Of Justice compilation and Petrol Coast EP. The thing I like the most is the sound quality of their tracks. Their songs are not overproduced like some recordings of the bands in the same music genre, so that adds up a little bit more garage atmosphere to the whole listening pleasure. German Castro is one of those bands that is catchy enough to get your full attention all the time during the album. Despite the fact this cassette is published back in 2014 and it’s sold out long time ago, it’s still available digitally through Nailbat Tapes, so check this interesting band out.