Royal Hungarian Noisemakers / Fixateur Externe – Split CD (Unsigned)


Royal Hungarian Noisemakers are a very active collective of nosicians from Budapest, Hungary and luckily I’ve had a chance to hear them live before. Their experimentations may vary depending on a mood, occasion, space they’re performing or recording, but most importantly, their performances are spontaneous and good. Fixateur Externe is a musique concrete project of Kálmán Pongrácz, mostly focused on dadist sound poetry and performance art with lots of effects and loops, from homemade musical instruments to traditional folk instruments. Their Split CD is more like a collection of live collaborations comprised of six weird minimalistic avant-garde compositions that have been recorded during a short span time period, so compositions 1, 2, 3 has been recorded in Budapest at Ember Összművészeti Találkozó – 29. Oct. 2018; partially mixed composition 4 has been recorded in Graz, Austria at Chmafu Nocords’ Interpenetration 7. Dec. 2018; partially mixed composition 5 has been recorded at Auxin Zajfesztivál, Szabadkikötő, Pécs 28. Mar. 2019 and the composition 6 has been recorded Under Szubcult: szabadság és szeretet napalm, Zeg-Zug, Budapest – 4. Apr. 2019.  Experimentations can be best described as minimal sound clusters comprised of various slightly distorted electronics; various music software and VSTs; various musical instruments such as saxophone, xylophone, handbell, gong and a lot of processed and unprocessed hysterical vocals. This kind of experimentations kinda reminded me a lot of some musique concrete experimentations I’ve encountered and listened before, but with a lot of harsher approach to the involved electronics. Hysterical vocals are really giving some weird, but the entertaining atmosphere to those recordings and somehow they are the loudest on this recordings, so I assume the vocals are purposely focused. The atmosphere is leaving almost an eerie impression on the listeners, perhaps because of the music box sounds involved in a couple of compositions, so maybe a couple of those tunes would be a perfect score for some horror movie. These guys have paid a lot of attention to the production of their sounds, so all the presented parts of their live recordings are perfectly hearable and you’ll hear even the tiniest sound without a fuss. As I said before, this Split CD will suit perfectly to some fans of minimal noise, harsh noise, musique concrete, but also to all the curious minds who are looking out for some quality sound art experimentations. The CD has been published by the Unsigned, Hungarian record label specialized in all experimental forms, so pay them a visit and check out all their sound artists at their bandcamp page.