Alpha Hopper – Last Chance Power Drive LP (Swimming Faith / Radical Empathy)

This material is, what I truly believe, a second full-length by this Buffalo, NY-based quartet. Despite being fully aware of all the activities surrounding Swimming Faith, this recording somehow went under the radar, but luckily, now I have a chance to write a couple of lines about it. For those who missed my previous reviews… Read More Alpha Hopper – Last Chance Power Drive LP (Swimming Faith / Radical Empathy)

Science Man – Match Game 7″ (Swimming Faith Records)

During the day, John Toohill is a creative individual who performs with the bands such as Alpha Hopper, The Hamiltons, Night Slaves, Spit Kink, The Midnight Vein, Black & White Cat / Black & White Cake, Cobra Cobra, and I probably forgot some other bands he crossed paths with during his musical endeavors. In the… Read More Science Man – Match Game 7″ (Swimming Faith Records)

Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

Alpha Hopper were quiet for a while, but here they are with another banging recording that will knock your socks off. For those who somehow missed my article about their previous album, Alpha Hopper is a fascinating bunch of creative people emanating from Buffalo, New York. Their music defies classifications into a particular genre, mainly… Read More Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Sometimes instead of composing music about serious issues that globally struck upon humankind on a regular basis, musicians feel an urge to record music about hilarious stuff that no one would ever think. Captain Frederickson is one of those groups focusing on the humorous side of life, but still, the group supports charities with their… Read More Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Coilguns are operating as a complex singular sonic mechanism based on technical harmonizations, chaotic melodic sequences, massive drop-tuned riffages, and mathematically precise drumbeats. These skillful Swiss musicians are hailing from La Chaux De Fonds, and their existence is solely based on firing sonic equations stacked within highly energetic clusters. The band has delivered loads of… Read More Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Colored Moth – Dim LP (Wolves And Vibrancy Records)

Colored Moth is a compelling progressive noise rock/post-hardcore trio emanating out of Berlin, Germany. The band operates as a skillful prog machine since 2013, and so far they’ve published a couple of records such as Ever Dared To Dream Before 12” EP in 2015. and Fragmenting Tensions 12” LP in 2016. Dim is their latest… Read More Colored Moth – Dim LP (Wolves And Vibrancy Records)

CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)

CAM is an experimental electroacoustic trio from Copenhagen, Denmark and it consists of Claus Poulsen, Anders Børup and Mads Paluszewski-Hau, so I assume the name of the band are the initials of the band members. The beauty of the CAM lays in their improvisation skills during the recording process with constant sound leading or following during their playing with… Read More CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)

The Young Livers – Songs For Fighting (Nailbat Tapes)

80s hardcore punk revival is the thing in the last couple of years and I am glad people are still interested in that kind of sound. There’s nothing better than two-minute soundtracks for hangouts with friends somewhere in the local pub, surrounded with cigarette smoke and a bunch of empty beer bottles. The Young Livers… Read More The Young Livers – Songs For Fighting (Nailbat Tapes)