Buzz Rodeo – Victoria 7”


It’s impossible to keep a track on tons of good bands on the worldwide scene, no matter which music genre we’re talking about and that’s a real shame. Some people are fortunate to get in touch with a lot of musicians through social media and at least keep track of a couple of good bands. Buzz Rodeo is one of those bands which you surely don’t want to miss. Victoria is their debut release if I am not wrong and it comes as 7” vinyl with two amazing tracks on it. The good thing about Buzz Rodeo is their sound. They’re mixing genres such as noise rock and punk with enough space for a lot more experimentations on guitar and drums. Victoria reminds me of a punk tunes from the seventies mixed up with some new wave, but it sounds fresh because of the ideas band implemented into it. Underground Luxury is the second track on this piece of plastic and it amazes me how the track sounds a lot different from the previous one. Noise rock influences are much more recognizable on this one. They would sound almost like a stoner or a sludge band in a couple of moments, but they don’t use fuzz pedal on a guitar. Cover artwork and packaging are professionally done with a front cover consisting of gerbers and a golden Victoria coin glued on it. Everything looks so good, so you won’t be disappointed when you grab your copy of this fine German noise rock trio. Highly recommended!