Primitive Teeth – S/T EP


I was looking out for some cool music to fit my mood and Primitive Teeth have popped up first on the web. Their artwork looked pretty appealing, so I’ve decided to give them a try and damn, I was instantly blown away by their sound. Dark depressive punk rock melodies came right at me through speakers and I was instantly hooked on their music. All of a sudden, amazing female vocals started to sing over those beautiful melodies and this melancholic music has become even more appealing to my ears. Seriously, this is a real deal, something I’ve haven’t listened for a while and it’s so close to the golden years of goth rock / post-punk music. Like someone has added Siouxie And The Banshees, Joy Division, Echo And The Bunnymen, Gang Of Four, Wire and the rest of the greats; then added some crunchy distorted guitars, chorused basslines and amazing post-punk drumming; then added some layers of classic punk rock; then spiced everything with perfect doses of depressive atmosphere, melancholic darkness, glitchy melodies and phenomenal vocals; then turned the blender on and as a result got a phenomenal band which delivers more energy than some more dynamic bands I’ve listened so far. Primitive Teeth are transmitting a spooky atmosphere in some of their tunes, so for example, their second track called Hands And Eyes sounds like someone added some classic UK punk influences to the music of the Misfits and has created a divine punk rock monster tune packed with a lot of raw energy and emotions which are only waiting to be unleashed in a matter of seconds. The band is mocking climate change deniers through their lyrics, but Primitive Teeth are also covering themes such as personal problems, family relations…etc, so the band is covering a wide area of themes through their lyrics. One thing is for sure, this is more than a brilliant debut EP in my book and you should pay attention to this band. This material has been published totally DIY by the band and it’s available at their bandcamp page for a couple of bucks, so go ahead and support their work and treat your ears properly.