The Young Livers – Songs For Fighting (Nailbat Tapes)


80s hardcore punk revival is the thing in the last couple of years and I am glad people are still interested in that kind of sound. There’s nothing better than two-minute soundtracks for hangouts with friends somewhere in the local pub, surrounded with cigarette smoke and a bunch of empty beer bottles. The Young Livers are that kind of band which gets under your skin after the first listening. There’s nothing you can hate about their combination of three-chord songs played under distortion which sounds something like a surf rock meets 70s punk rock, but with anger such as Germs, Fear, Black Flag and tons of other good bands that nurtured that type of sound back in the 80s. On the other hand,  from time to time you can hear a lot of British influences taken from The Ruts, The Vibrators, The Clash, The Jam, but once again with that ”The Young Livers” unique approach to it. A perfect record for those who want to explore how the real punk rock should sound in these modern times when records are overproduced and music is insincere to the max. This cassette includes their material from ”Perfect 10” EP, ”In The Flesh” and ”The Good Takes’. It’s limited to 50 copies and surprisingly it’s still available through Nailbat Tapes.