Tomar Control – Nunca Más Callar LP (Amok Records)


Nunca Más Callar is a second LP by Tomar Control, Peruvian hardcore punk band that has been in a focus of the media for a while and to be honest, these girls well deserved all the attention of the press. This album delivers a powerful message transmitted by the rage of the riot grrrl movement combined with the ferocity of the youth crew hardcore music and a bit of melody here and there. Girls are doing their best to blend up all the key elements of the hardcore and punk rock music into well-combined tunes full of brilliant intelligent lyrics written in the native Spanish language. Tomar Control is proudly carrying the torch of old school hardcore by demonstrating their version of the 80s and 90s hardcore punk music and of course, some of the bands like Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds, Bold, The First Step, Better Than A Thousand, Chain Of Strenght, Battery…etc. clearly influenced their style and some of the arrangements and song structures are proving that these girls listened to a lot of quality music during the years. Considering that bandmembers are straight edge. vegan, feminists and all of them are supporting a positive mental attitude lifestyle, their music simply speaks about themselves. This is an energetic album which will satisfy your cravings for true sounds of probably the best subgenre of punk rock. Nunca Más Callar simply possesses everything you ever demanded from a hardcore punk band. On the other hand, the cover artwork is a bit generic with a classic live caption of a crowd doing singalongs, but with a female dominance on a photo, perhaps the girls are trying to spread the word that hardcore punk music is not just a boys fun. Couldn’t agree more about that and I encourage all the ladies to participate in the underground scene, no matter if you’re playing in a band, doing zines, booking shows or simply doing merch. You’re all welcome! Nunca Más Callar has been published on a classic black vinyl by the Amok Records and it’s available in limited quantities of 250 copies, so don’t miss your chance to support both label and the band.