Embassy 516 – Surveillance Of The Environment CD (Geenger Records)

Once again, I am digging through the Geenger Records archives in search of some of their older releases, and I stumbled upon a familiar name. This name doesn’t need any introduction to those who’re following the Croatian alternative music scene. Embassy 516 is a longevous alternative rock group that roams the scene for quite a… Read More Embassy 516 – Surveillance Of The Environment CD (Geenger Records)

Amir – Rise, From The Depths, Of A Preliminary State of Youth: A Change Within One In Worlds

We rarely have a chance to stumble upon artists from Beirut. At least that’s the case with me on these pages. It seems like middle eastern artists are not getting enough exposure because of the rapidly growing global music industry. Luckily for all the readers who’re fond of discovering some fresh and unique artists, today… Read More Amir – Rise, From The Depths, Of A Preliminary State of Youth: A Change Within One In Worlds

Aleph Trio – Promenade

There are hordes of immensely creative artists out there that are seeking the attention of the broader auditorium. Creative minds are continuously popping out from every possible direction by demonstrating brilliant ideas realized through tremendous musicianship. The best part about this phenomenon is that the quantity doesn’t exceed quality, so you cannot even choose your… Read More Aleph Trio – Promenade

Blackout Transmission – Sparse Illumination LP (Etxe Records)

There’s something about particular bands that works out best for me during the rainy days. Their music doesn’t need to contain melancholic vibes. Quite the contrary, heavy dosages of reverb, delay, and echo effects over profoundly melodic music are more than enough to keep me moving. Blackout Transmission is one of those bands you’ll instantly… Read More Blackout Transmission – Sparse Illumination LP (Etxe Records)

Послесвечение – До Лучших Времён

Nothing matches the late-night atmosphere caused by an obsessive continuous listening to post-punk music. Somehow this particular genre works for me during the night when I need to calm down and relax from a daily grind. There’s something in calm, cold, bleak, depressive, melancholic melodies that draws my attention and brings me back to this… Read More Послесвечение – До Лучших Времён

V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Back in the pre-digital era, various artists’ compilations and samplers acted as the crucial source for discovering fresh music. It was a convenient way to promote the latest singles, announce albums or introduce brand new artists/bands to the broader auditorium. Then the digital era commenced, and digital singles replaced regular 7″ records, compilations, and samplers.… Read More V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

This gem recently came to our headquarters. I was not familiar with this group until Bloodshed666 Records pointed me out to their music. What’s undoubtfully special about this band is how they combine several genres to achieve a certain ambiance. Phal:Angst sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, mainly because of their experimentations that you would… Read More Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

At The Grove – …And All The Fear We Left Behind

It’s been a while since I included a post-rock artist on these pages. Fortunately enough, I have a chance to introduce At The Grove, a tremendous outlet emanating from Münster, Germany. This project is solely operated by Dennis Abstiens, an experienced multi-instrumental artist who mainly focuses on the rhythm section. Being a drummer himself, Dennis… Read More At The Grove – …And All The Fear We Left Behind

Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion

There are tons of brilliant indie rock artists and bands out there, doing the best they can to shine bright in the spotlight. The vast majority of these artists and bands are surprisingly good, defying the separation between quality and quantity. However, most of these outlets are sounding nearly identical, without striving to deliver something… Read More Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion

Broken Links – Conflict::States CD

Broken Links are making a proper comeback with their highly anticipated brand new material. For those who somehow missed this interesting band, Broken Links are an English trio based in Southampton, which fuses various elements to achieve the desired sound. Since their formation, the trio released an impressive amount of recordings such as Resisting Movement… Read More Broken Links – Conflict::States CD