Embassy 516 – Surveillance Of The Environment CD (Geenger Records)

Embassy - Surveillance Of The Environment CD - Geenger Records

Once again, I am digging through the Geenger Records archives in search of some of their older releases, and I stumbled upon a familiar name. This name doesn’t need any introduction to those who’re following the Croatian alternative music scene. Embassy 516 is a longevous alternative rock group that roams the scene for quite a while now, and today I will talk about their debut Surveillance Of The Environment. The group published several recordings after this one, starting with a live record named Transition Of The Environment, brilliant studio material called Correlation, and another live material recorded at KSET in 2019. I thought this debut is worth mentioning because it showcases their brilliance right from their inception.

What drew my attention to this album is a melancholic approach to several music genres, including the sheer dominance of alternative rock. Embassy 516 are not shy to reveal other interests besides alternative rock, so you may also hear other elements along the way. You may stumble upon ultimately saddened Brit-pop, mellow dream pop, echoic shoegaze, indie rock, and some other ingredients. Still, the group takes everything on an entirely new level by offering subtle post-rock aesthetics that are constantly lurking somewhere in the background. However, each abovementioned ingredient represents a tiny piece of a puzzle implemented to serve a significant purpose. Right after a couple of initial compositions, you’ll notice Embassy 516 are not joking with their material and that Surveillance Of The Environment stands out as a debut performed by skilled musicians, empowered by brilliant ideas.

Surveillance Of The Environment contains twelve sophisticated alternative rock songs, which are leaning towards calmy waters. However, Embassy 516 thoroughly explores a more aggressive side of the genre at some points, but in such a distinctive manner. Instead of aiming towards straightforward dynamics, the group decided to use the ferocious side of alternative music to accentuate their calmy numbers. The group also uses reverb, delay, and echo effects to enhance the vividly hearable saddened atmosphere. You’ll be surprised by their uncommonly executed ideas, which are unquestionably standing out from the ideas of many contemporary artists/groups. Surveillance Of The Environment evolves with each following number, and it seems this particular material becomes even more detailed as time passes. Embassy 516 paved the way for themselves with this material, which is surprisingly still available on compact disc. Head over to Geenger Records for more detailed information about ordering.

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