Embassy 516 – Correlation LP (Geenger Records)


Embassy 516 are alternative quartet hailing from Dubrovnik, Croatia which has been active since 2006. So far, they’ve recorded a couple of demos and published Souverain Bien EP and Surveillance Of The Environment CD, both released back in 2012. with Correlation LP being published in 2018. It’s good to mention that they stayed loyal to Geenger Records, which has been by their side since their breakthrough on the alternative scene. Correlation LP delivers various genres blended all together in a very interesting mixture of shoegaze/dream pop with a strong presence of other alternative genres such as indie or perhaps post-rock.  Embassy 516 are not escaping from a much more commercial approach to the relatively underground music, but still, their tunes are written and performed with a kinda DIY underground vibe. However, Correlation LP as a diverse material can easily be played on mainstream media such as MTV or Pop Music TV. That only speaks of the ability of these fine men to fuse best of both worlds and write, compose, arrange, record and perform something for everyone who’s not afraid to listen to something different than just plain old alternative music. Embassy 516 shared the stage with bands and acts such as Massive Attack, The Flaming Lips, Ladytron, Broken Social Scene, Martina Topley – Bird, Pips Chips & Videoclips, so there’s no wonder why their music is so diverse and easy listening, so if you’re into some of these acts, you should definitely check out Correlation LP for some fine tunes which will suit to any mood you’re in. You can pick up your copy of Correlation LP on white vinyl with coloured splatter or in standard black and it’s also accompanied by a brilliant abstract artwork which perfectly suits to the diverse music of Embassy 516.

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