Outside - Green In You LP - Head2Wall Records

Outside – Green In You LP (Head2Wall Records)

Outside - Green In You LP - Head2Wall Records

Outside are back with another full-length recording that will surprise fans of post-hardcore with a slightly different approach to this specific genre. It’s been a while since this Northwest Ohio based trio released their self-titled full-length album, published by Clegg Records and Time Will Tell Records. Nevertheless, the band bursts with such specific energy since the formation in 2014, and this brand new material indicates a shift forward in their profoundly melodic music. The group tends to express saturation with a heavy hardcore scene and explores much calmer music waters without straying from a post-hardcore path. These experimentations resulted in a marvelous recording full of mind-blowing moments.

Green In You carries dozen of beautiful melodic compositions that will satisfy the lovers of contemporary hardcore music, but this record is also suitable for the older admirers of the genre. Outside merges contemporary emo, grunge, shoegaze, dream pop with post-hardcore aesthetics to achieve such a specific echoic atmosphere, which strikes the listening apparatus with melancholic tones. This comprehensive collection of various genres delivers thoughtfully arranged polyphonous structures based upon loads of calmy arpeggiated segments, relaxing chord progressions, and colossal riffages. Each genre is equally present in the mix, and Outside incorporates loads of bright ideas to the overall aesthetics of their sound. A powerful rhythm section comprised of semi-distorted bass guitar and precise rhythm section supports these guitar maneuvers with such ease but also surrenders enough power and dynamics throughout the entire album.

The group unquestionably levitates between predominant emo and post-hardcore sound, but there’s more than meets the eye. These two dominant genres are fully supported by shoegazey effects such as reverb, echo, and delay. On the other hand, the group incorporates a rich fuzzy-distorted guitar sound that appears to be a characteristic of the nineties grunge sound. You may also stumble upon some late-nineties screamo moments, which are undoubtfully empowering this exceptional record. Green In You resembles the sound of some renowned groups like Title Fight, Touche Amore, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Quicksand, plus many more who infused reverby shoegaze sound into the foundations of post-hardcore music.

Green In You comes on grey with black and gold splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies, standard black vinyl limited to 200 copies, and compact disc limited to 100 copies. The album is also available on streaming services such as Spotify and Bandcamp. Head over to Head2Wall Bigcartel page and preserve your copy.




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