Entropy - Liminal LP - Crazysane Records

Entropy – Liminal LP (Crazysane Records)

Entropy - Liminal LP - Crazysane Records

Entropy is one of those post-hardcore groups you surely don’t want to let sneak out unnoticed under your listening radar. No matter how much similar groups you heard during your lifetime, their outstanding debut full-length recording Liminal undoubtfully deserves your utmost attention. The group started as a solo project by Hans Frese, who’s been musically inactive for a decade and a half, but previously spent quite some time performing with various emo and hardcore bands. He felt the urge to write, compose, and record again, so he reached out to a couple of acquaintances to fill in on the other instruments. Their activities resulted in an exceptional debut album that will melt your mind and heart out.

Liminal includes ten engaging compositions that are exploring the vast universe of ear-appealing post-hardcore music. Besides the hearable dominance of post-hardcore, you may stumble upon some emo, shoegaze, grunge, alternative, and indie rock acrobatics, which are highlighting the already brilliant sound of Entropy. These thoroughly combined ingredients are transcending into a divine polyphonic harmony, invigorated by the accurate musicianship. Entropy maintains these compositions in moderate or half-step tempos. Still, their music includes so many details, so you’ll be quite entertained each time you decide to spin this vinyl release.

Right with the initial beats of Liminal, you’ll notice a strong resemblance with Bob Mould, Sugar, Husker Du, Quicksand, Catherine Wheel, Swervedriver, Starmarket, Deftones, Balance & Composure, plus many more picked along the road. Nevertheless, it appears that Sugar and Quicksand heavily influenced Entropy because the presence of their recognizable articulations. The sheer amount of bright ideas, echoic themes, pleasing melodies, and other orchestrations will unquestionably leave you speechless at particular moments. The songwriting break of Hans Freese resulted in a comprehensive collection of extraordinary post-hardcore numbers, which were probably stacked somewhere for all these years, ready to be used sometime in his next band. Entropy articulates like there wasn’t any pause in his songwriting. The beauty of the band is laying in the calmness, compactness, and echoic ambiance. Nothing of this would be possible without the tremendous musicianship of the remaining portion of the group.

Liminal comes on clear/yellow colored and standard black vinyl, limited to 150 copies each. Don’t miss the chance to possess one of the best German emo/indie/post-hardcore albums recorded in recent years. Head over to Crazysane Records web store and purchase one for yourself or your loved ones.




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