PONS - Intellect CS

PONS – Intellect CS

PONS - Intellect CS

Intellect is a brand new cassette release by PONS, an experimental rock trio from Burlington, Vermont. The group previously released an impressive amount of recordings such as They Look Like People EP, Being The Prey EP, Halloween Was Years Ago EP, a single named The Flesh, and Dread EP. Therefore, Intellect represents their debut full-length self-titled album that carries fourteen entertaining compositions. Relatively simplistic cover artwork hides such a diverse material that will shock or surprise you, depending on what you are expecting or looking out for in this group. This material will undoubtfully cause some positive or negative reactions, or maybe both.

Intellect proudly carries the banner of experimental rock music. However, I would not entirely stick to my statement because this record offers more than you can even grasp in one sitting. Experimental rock may be their primary weapon of choice, but PONS are flirting with so many genres along the way. Their music examines music genres like post-punk, dance-punk, psych-punk, noise rock, alternative, garage rock, glam rock, indie, no wave, industrial, and you may notice some others during the album. The constant presence of repetitious dissonance annoys the listening apparatus. PONS are unquestionably playing on that card, and these dissonant tones are completely accomodating the aesthetics of their debut full-length release.

Fortunately enough, Intellect offers loads of entertainment, mainly because of the unpolished, raw sound that almost entirely pervades this material. The group invests some great ideas on this material, but it seems these ideas would sound even better if PONS spent some more time working out on song structures and arrangements. Every composition seems unfinished in some weird way, and this recording leaves a bittersweet impression after consumption. Intellect possesses some bright moments showcased through dozen of guitar shreds, melodies, rhythmical maneuvers, synth keys, and electro beats. Nevertheless, annoying dissonance spoils out every quality of this material. I am quite sure there will be a small number of admirers who will praise this material as a masterpiece of experimental music, but PONS could achieve much more if they worked out on their music a little bit more.

If you’re still interested in Intellect, you can grab it on a cassette or compact disc directly from the band. Head over to the Bandcamp page and give it a listen.


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