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  • Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

    Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

    Alpha Hopper were quiet for a while, but here they are with another banging recording that will knock your socks off. For those who somehow missed my article about their previous album, Alpha Hopper is a fascinating bunch of creative people emanating from Buffalo, New York. Their music defies classifications into a particular genre, mainly…

  • PONS – Intellect CS

    PONS – Intellect CS

    Intellect is a brand new cassette release by PONS, an experimental rock trio from Burlington, Vermont. The group previously released an impressive amount of recordings such as They Look Like People EP, Being The Prey EP, Halloween Was Years Ago EP, a single named The Flesh, and Dread EP. Therefore, Intellect represents their debut full-length…

  • UK Gold – Epigram No. 2 LP

    UK Gold – Epigram No. 2 LP

    UK Gold is a characteristic post-punk trio originating from Olympia, Washington. After nearly an hour lurking through the darkest depths of Google search, I’ve found almost nothing about this group, except the bandmembers were previously involved in bands such as The Maxines, Wisdom Teeth, and Pitted Youth. UK Gold roams local pubs and venues for…