Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)


Coilguns are operating as a complex singular sonic mechanism based on technical harmonizations, chaotic melodic sequences, massive drop-tuned riffages, and mathematically precise drumbeats. These skillful Swiss musicians are hailing from La Chaux De Fonds, and their existence is solely based on firing sonic equations stacked within highly energetic clusters. The band has delivered loads of brilliant records since its formation in 2011, such as Stadia Rods (Deaddeaddeadmusic), Commuters (Pelagic Records / Hummus Records), Millenials (Hummus Records) but also a dozen of split releases with bands like Kunz, Never Vodu, and Abraham. Watchwinders is their latest offering to the wider audiences that have already been cherished by loyal fans and gathered some new admirers of this extraordinary group. Coilguns are entirely relying on their tremendous musical experience to transcend aesthetics of technically demanding darkened hardcore sound. The band uses heavy weaponry comprised of elements of blackened hardcore, mathcore, black metal, noise rock to paint obscure imagery of the grimy world we are living in. Coilguns are showcasing the urgency to narrate the thoughtfully assembled stories about the series of events that led us to the almost cataclysmic closure. These stories have been cleverly arranged according to the thematics to vividly illustrate the evilness of mankind. Watchwinders deliver twelve raging blackened hardcore anthems saturated by the marvelous musicianship of the entire group. The beauty of Coilguns lays in their ability to shapeshift familiar subgenres of underground music with chaotic guitar harmonies, cacophonic shreddings, noisy basslines, and organic sounding drumming segments. Besides all the hypnotic beauty of dark hardcore, Coilguns incorporate dominant elements of noise rock music, rhythmical sequences of mathcore, grimy ambiance of atmospheric black metal, and subtle calmness of post-rock. Watchwinders include fundamentals of contemporary scene fully stacked with innovative sonic practices, masterful musicianship, and extraordinary lyric brilliance. These recordings demonstrate uncompromising power through twelve ferocious compositions that urge listeners to question their surroundings, change their habits, and make a positive change for a brighter future for mankind. Watchwinders comes housed in 350gr recycled vinyl jacket accompanied by minimalistic debossed artwork, and 24 pages booklet. The vinyl comes in the form of red, white, and gray color variants. This magnificent chaotic hardcore masterpiece has been published by Hummus Records.


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