The Weight – In Control LP (Heavy Rhythm & Roll Records)


If you checked out pages in the last couple of days, you may encounter our article about Live Tapes by The Weight, where we tend to vividly capture just a small particle of the atmosphere from their live performance. The band launches loads of harmonizations in all the possible directions, and you’ll be surprised how these Austrian rockers succeeded to capture retro rock ambiance by performing graciously structured songs. You’ll instantly fall in love with their creativeness, musical precision, and dynamic execution. Today, we are covering In Control, their latest full-length album, comprised of the ten intense rock numbers. The band examines aesthetics of hard rock music as they’ve done it on their previous recordings, but this time The Weight goes fully in-depth with these experimentations. In Control delivers ambiance of the sixties classic rock’n’roll, seventies progressive psychedelic rock, blues rock, soul, and totally rely on these aesthetics on their sonic journey. The complete album is a homage to some better days for these particular subgenres of quality rock’n’roll sound that has been saturated by an evocative retro production. Ultra-melodic guitar harmonizations, powerful riffages, and intense solo sequences have been empowered by warm low-end sounds of the bass guitars that certainly uplift the overall listening experience. These stringy instrumentations have been layered by engaging organ, and piano segments, which have been expertly performed to conduct even more ambiance to the already brilliant shreddings. Drumming performance chops magnificent musicianship of the whole group with groovy rhythmical insertions mainly comprised of refurnished hard rock flows. Amazing high-pitched vocals are progressing over like the cherry on the top, and they serve as a perfect decoration to the astonishing hard rock anthems. Once again, The Weight showcases why they’re one of the most renowned Austrian groups that have been widely appreciated throughout Europe. Their music doesn’t recognize boundaries, and In Control will definitely be cherished as a timeless classic by true rock’n’roll fans. In Control is a bold step to the expansive universe of progressive experimentations that The Weight took deeply serious, and somehow managed to exceed the meaningful ambiance of the retro rock’n’roll sound. In Control has been published on vinyl and compact disc by Heavy Rhythm & Roll, a recording label operated by the bandmembers of The Weight. It comes with a beautiful gatefold cover comprised of professionally done photos of bandmembers posing as scientists. In Control is a definite hard rock amalgam you undoubtedly don’t want to miss out, so I highly recommend you to acquire this masterpiece on vinyl, and adequately relish these progressive rock anthems.

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