Savak – Beg Your Pardon LP (Various Labels)


This LP is one of those records I was super excited about, so I was overjoyed when Geenger Records landed a copy alongside with a giant batch of other LPs for a reviewing. Savak is a powerful trio hailing from Brooklyn, New York and besides being a super rad band with some mind-blowing ideas, they managed to publish a couple of full-length albums and extended plays such as Where Should I Start/Expensive Things 7”, Green & Desperate/This Dying Lake 7”, debut Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors LP and Cut-Ups LP. Beg Your Pardon is their third full-length album which carries a lot more energy than their previous recordings, more bright ideas than ever before, so you’ll be positively surprised when you spin this astonishing record at your turntable. But, let’s talk about Savak’s style for a little bit. This band assembles all the key elements from both old and new, so you may notice punk rock, post-punk, post-hardcore, noise rock, garage rock, surf music and powerpop colliding at this massive recording in order to enhance your listening experience. Besides some fuzzy sounding guitars, fine basslines, and perfect drumming, Savak is dealing with tons of melodies compressed into dirtier, much more grunge sounding form, with a lot of characteristics for 70s punk rock music. On the other hand, the band is also incorporating some elements of 90s alternative music, especially powerpop ambiance which can be heard on some compositions throughout the album. This band simply shines in its unpredictableness and outstands the most comparable bands who share the same enthusiasm for crossing over the various music genres. Beg Your Pardon is a type of an album that is suitable for each generation, even for the pickiest consumers of the aforementioned genres who are not looking for another straightforward bland recording but are keen to digest a full spectrum of complex diverse fragments packed on this brilliantly incorporated album. The biggest proof about the brilliance of this record is an interest of dozen of record companies who were keen to publish it. This album is available through all the involved labels such as Geenger Records, Ernest Jenning Record Co, Taken By Surprise Records, Orangerie Records, and Bang! Records, so pick up the nearest publisher to your home and purchase this awesome album.

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