Skrei – Cörengrätö CD (Attenuation Circuit)


Skrei is a drone project of Giuseppe Capriglione and this is the first time I am listening to his project. Giuseppe knows how to deal with effects, loops, and samples. The proof is Cörengrätö, masterpiece packed in something more than thirty minutes. The first thing that caught my attention is a tape loop he’s using as a sound source and that’s the key element why I fell in love with this project at the first listening. Sounds are so listenable, organic, earthy that will impress even the pickiest fans of drone music. It is simply amazing how the sound is evolving during this recording, with all those loops overlaying one over another and still, they are not spoiling the main concept, which is the tender drone sound. Sure, there is some minimal industrial involvement, but the sound is still based on drones rumbling around in circles. Don’t be spoiled by the longitude of the track, because this one will pass like a train in front of you and it will be the best half of an hour you will spend in a long time. Skrei will not disappoint you in any case.

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