The Menzingers – Hello Exile LP (Epitaph Records)


Hello Exile is a sixth record by The Menzingers, a well-known pop-punk quartet formed in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2006. Since then, the band recorded some great albums such as A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology, Chamberlain Waits, On The Impossible Past, Rented World, After The Party, but also a dozen od extended plays and a couple of demos. The band also possesses quite impressive videography with all the music videos being unique in one way or another. The Menzingers are famous for their quite melodic approach to punk rock music, with compositions being written with a lot of sense and balance between elements of alternative pop music and the essence of melodic punk rock. Hello Exile is a continuation of a wonderful journey through amazing discography of The Menzingers which possesses a countless amount of potential radio hits because of the aforementioned sense for composing and writing. Song structures are quite interesting, so besides great alternative pop melodies and energetic punk rock rhythm section, you may hear arrangements that are characteristic for indie, country or folk music. No matter if you’re consuming Hello Exile in its entirety or just randomly picking up the tunes, you’ll surely be blown away by the greatness of the entire album because these fine musicians are no strangers when it comes to writing and composing some proper songs. It simply blows me away how each composition has something more to offer than just a cliche pop-punk sound we often hear on the radio. The tunes are anthemic, arrangements are quite good, the recording is professionally done with a small doses od studio reverb just to uplift the overall listening experience, so you can’t go wrong if you immediately purchase this brilliant record at Kingsroad Merch or stream it over all the possible streaming services. Sonic satisfaction is more than guaranteed.

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