Nellcote – Disturbance In A Quiet Summer Night CD (Geenger Records)


Nellcote is a very good alternative quartet from Zagreb which expresses themselves through some impressive music since 2010. Their music is the ideal soundtrack for cold autumn days while you’re daydreaming by the window with a cup of coffee or tea in your hands. The aim of the band is hearable right with the first beats of this record, and it’s more than clear that band delivers an incredible amount of wonderful tones with incredible ease, in addition, to depict a very strong presence of indie-folk and alternative sound with some dominant influences of blues and pub rock music. The band is constantly playing with interesting blues progressions, melodic structures and slide guitar fills to evoke some pleasantly warm tones. Each and every composition is followed up by the great bass sections that can be felt throughout the album, and are perfectly matched to the drummer’s rhythmical exhibitions nicely performed in a blues manner with a lot of attention and feel. The songs are soulful, the band has invested a lot of emotions in this album, so the themes themselves are psychedelic, melancholic, therefore they force the listener to drown deeply in the softness of the presented tones and rhythms, all accompanied by pleasant vocals. I have to mention that the vocals are excellent and they fit like a pair of new shoes over the background music, and the vocal tones are more than perfect for this kind of musical expression. In addition to the male vocals, you can also hear great female vocals which are more in charge of completing the ambiance and gaining a sense of duality between the two presented vocals. The album features eight beautiful compositions that you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of blues, indie folk, indie pop, alternative, psychedelic rock music, and Nellcote did their best to implement all the crucial elements of each of the aforementioned music genres. Once again, Geenger Records is in charge of publishing. This Croatian recording label breaks all the taboos about genres with their wonderful catalog comprised of an impressive range of fine diverse artists bring freshness to the Balkan scene. Disturbance and A Quiet Summer Night is currently available in digital format through all streaming services and will be available soon as a physical release on a CD, so I advise you to frequently check out the Geenger Records Bandcamp page regarding pieces of information about pre-order.