Subseconds - Liminal Rain CD EP

Subseconds – Liminal Rain CD EP

Subseconds - Liminal Rain CD EP

I finally got the chance to get my hands on this release. It’s been a while since it arrived, and I was planning to review it immediately, but something always got in the way between me and this EP. I remember talking with the Subseconds about his then-upcoming release, and I was blown away by the ideas this perspective artist invested into this material. Many things are going on throughout the entire release, and you’ll probably need a couple of listening sessions to grasp everything Subseconds incorporated into it. For those unfamiliar with this profoundly creative artist, Subseconds is a progressive metalcore project based in Finland, and Liminal Rain is his outstanding debut EP.

You’re probably thinking: “There are many progressive metalcore projects/bands out there. Why do we need another one?” Hear me out, Subseconds uplifted this enormously popular genre on an entirely new level. I mean, there are many bands out there, but we always need more, and this Finnish artist unquestionably deserves your attention mainly because of the ideas, effort, and musicianship he invested into these four compositions. Liminal Rain isn’t an overly complex material that will force you to switch to something much calmer because Subseconds thought about those details. These compositions may sound enormously complex to some, but they’re perfectly balanced. It’s due to Subseconds’ ability to combine several complementary music genres into a colossal slab of harmonious noise. You’ll notice interferences of post-hardcore, post-rock, djent, alternative metal, progressive rock, and other similar music genres.

If you think this comprehensive amalgam of sonic ingredients is more than enough, wait until you hear it. Liminal Rain continuously levitates between these elements, but progressive metalcore reigns and remains the primary sonic direction from scratch to finish. Downtuned, chuggy, heavy riffs perfectly match nearly clean, arpeggiated chord progressions, themes, melodies, and harmonies. The bass guitar roams with equally detailed,warm-sounding low-end tones somewhere in the background, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some chugger basslines along the way. I adore how Subseconds assembled the rhythmic section for each track. You’ll be surprised how every song comes with a set of detailed rhythmic sequences, catchy accentuations, and drum fills. Clean-sounding lead vocal parts come as a bit of refreshment because many metalcore bands almost solely rely on shouts, screams, and growls. Subseconds thought about it, so this material sounds fresh and unique from beginning to end. Liminal Rain is a catchy progressive metalcore material you’ll need to check out as soon as possible. Head to Subseconds’ Bandcamp page or website for more information.





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