Listen To “For Too Long” By Toushar


TOUSHAR is an emerging band collective based in Bern, Switzerland. Long time music  and album producer Remo Häberli (Posthumanbigbang, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, E-L-R)  and established artist and musician Philipp Thöni (BlackYard, Pless, Unhold) joined up to  write their own unique and updated take on contemporary alternative rock and post metal,  spiced up with their inclination for electronic soundscapes and club music. 

As a first sign of life, six singles were produced, which started to be released on digital  platforms in intervals of six to eight weeks since June 2022, so far independently. At the end  of this first cycle there will be a beautiful 12” vinyl, which we plan to release in summer/fall  2023. They also found two great companions and musicians in Remo Röschli (Palmer) and  Nicolas Graber (Nihilo) and have been rehearsing as a band ever since, getting ready to take  the stages in spring 2023. There will be a fifth member for the live implementation of keys,  synths and samples. 

They have no second thoughts about our music and would like to present it to as many people  as possible. The band wants to build a steadily growing community around them and the products, play live shows as much possible and develop TOUSHAR’s sound with full force.  More songs are already in the process of being created. They have a completed recording studio and also produced the artwork and layout by themselves, so they can tap into a lot of resources  available within the project. 

Their music is danceable, energetic and captivating, and it’s ideal for stages in sweaty clubs. The songs have a huge dynamic range grabbing you right from the start and taking you on a wild journey to their ecstatic finale – sophisticated, sometimes wild, but always in flux. The mood is always somewhere between over the moon and down in the dumps, like a well-writ ten episode of a dark TVseries. TOUSHAR also blend in their own influences of rock and metal music from their youth with modern contemporary trends to create a unique, powerful and driving sound. The polyphonic vocalsand pop-influenced arrangements make  TOUSHAR’s music accessible to a broad audience beyond the saturated niches.






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