Rising Storm - The State Of Being CD EP

Rising Storm – The State Of Being CD EP

Rising Storm - The State Of Being CD EP

Here’s some more metal music this rainy Tuesday morning. It’s also one of those releases that arrived in our headquarters a couple of weeks ago, so today is a more than appropriate day to listen to it and give it a proper review. As far as I am informed, Rising Storm is a German modern-metal trio based in Berlin. Since their inception, these guys have released the impressive debut full-length called Tempest and a series of singles such as Treasures, Furious, Amorphous, and Illusive. Their sound bursts with harmony and power since day one, and that’s also the case with The State Of Being, their recent EP. It’s material you’ll need to hear to comprehend the sheer brilliance of this band.

The State Of Being carries five exceptional compositions that may dominantly levitate toward the modern metal sound, but that doesn’t mean these guys forgot about other metal subgenres. Quite the contrary, you’ll hear many elements lurking around from scratch to finish. Some of the finest properties of power, heavy, progressive, thrash, sludge, and other similar genres found their way onto this material. Maybe this will sound like too many genres packed into a singular release, but trust me, these guys know what they’re doing. The way thrashy riffs intervene with their progressive/power/heavy themes, melodies, harmonies, and other sonic delicacies will immediately drop your jaw. Also, The State Of Being isn’t just another repetitious, bland, boring modern metal album with loads of nonsense stacked over the top. It’s not another fast-paced, cacophonic, unreasonably aggressive material. The State Of Being is a piece of art skillfully arranged to satisfy even the pickiest modern metal fans.

Of course, some necessary aggression lurks over the harmonious, nearly post-metal ambiance. After all, this wouldn’t be a modern metal album without a thick, heavy layer of downtuned sludgy riffs that define this material in one way or another. I adore how the sound engineer thought about the low ends, so you’ll unquestionably hear a bass guitar in the mix. Still, these two instruments have been recorded and blended, so they come as one gigantic wall of sound. The progressive solos, themes, melodies, and harmonies pervade from all possible sides, and there are no ways you’ll avoid them while listening to this material. The drummer keeps the remainder of the orchestrations in line with profoundly complex rhythmic sequences, catchy accentuations, and hectic fills. Each band member represents a significant, irreplaceable cog in this machinery, and this material wouldn’t sound this good without them. Therefore, The State Of Being will be right up your alley if you’re looking for progressive modern metal. Give this EP a listen and support the band by purchasing a CD or digital release.





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