Bridge Of Souls Released Debut Album; Watch Video For Sanctuary

French modern metalcore band BRIDGE OF SOULS released its debut album “Iris” along with their new lyric video “Sanctuary” on September 30. Starting the album off with the title-track, “Iris”, BRIDGE OF SOULS delivers a universe-shattering intro riff to the listeners. The album continues with cosmic synths and ethereal vocal melodies. BRIDGE OF SOULS demonstrates an incredible range of musical versatility, mixing modern metal with melodic death… Read More Bridge Of Souls Released Debut Album; Watch Video For Sanctuary

Bridge Of Souls Release New Single “The Greatest Silence”

French modern metalcore merchants BRIDGE OF SOULS release their newest single, “The Greatest Silence”, featuring Maxime Keller (Dvne, Déluge, No Season, Tess, I ii I, Boars, ex-Smash Hit Combo) from their upcoming full-length “Iris” which will be released on September 30. The band’s latest collective effort, “The Greatest Silence”, on a superficial level,deals with leaving the world behind. However, on a more philosophical note, the band explores the otherworldly level of… Read More Bridge Of Souls Release New Single “The Greatest Silence”

Bleeding Sun – Suffocated

Kansas-based melodic metal trio Bleeding Sun has released a debut single today. Perhaps Suffocated is their first piece of work, but Bleeding Sun immediately proves they’re not joking around. By listening to the initial notes and beats of this raging melodic metal anthem, you’ll immediately notice that you’re dealing with experienced musicians who’re more than… Read More Bleeding Sun – Suffocated

Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Grazil Records has already proved multiple times why they’re one of the best extreme underground music labels in Austria, but here’s another proof about it. Of course, this one also comes from the batch of records we received a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with Mandaground until I heard this release, but their name sounds… Read More Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)