Instrument - Sonic Cure CD - The Instrument Village

Instrument – Sonic Cure CD (The Instrument Village)

Instrument - Sonic Cure CD - The Instrument Village

Recently, a new batch of releases arrived at our headquarters thanks to our dear friends at Bite It PR, and this one was among them. This particular CD had a simplistic, minimalistic, yet catchy cover artwork, so I thought their music must be good. Thankfully, I was right again because this material bursts with creativity from scratch to finish. Instrument is an exceptional German post-rock trio coming from Munich. So far, the band has released three full-lengths, such as a self-titled debut, Olympus Mons, and Read Books. Therefore, the album I will talk about today, Sonic Cure, is their fourth and latest full-length recording.

Sonic Cure carries eleven outstanding tracks that will unquestionably appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re profoundly into post-rock sound. However, Instrument aren’t into post-rock only. Quite the contrary, you’ll find some of the finest properties borrowed from many complementary music genres. Post-hardcore, post-punk, proto-grunge, art-rock, avant-rock, doom, stoner, and sludge are just some of them, so don’t be surprised if you discover many others along the way. These guys thought about the structures of their compositions a lot. Each track carries clever arrangements decorated with more or less complex, hypnotic, addictive, repetitious guitar, bass, and rhythmic sequences. Not to forget all the other layers of harmonies, melodies, various themes, and other sonic delicacies that define all the exceptional post-rock recordings.

You’ll be surprised how much Sonic Cure resembles early to late nineties post-hardcore music, which was popular in the underground circles back then. Of course, their tracks also include contemporary music maneuvers borrowed from indie or alternative rock but performed in their manner. I like how they managed to stack up all their interests into eleven numbers that resonate with many brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. The band also thought about the dynamics of their songs, so you won’t be bored by Sonic Cure even if you repeat this album ten times straight. It could also serve as a perfect ambient soundtrack when you need some background music while working or hanging out with friends. However, if you want to delve deep into this material, you need to keep your focus because these musicians invested some impressive sonic maneuvers into it. Head to The Instrument Village or keep your eyes peeled on their social media pages for more information on how to order this post-rock gem.





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