Stanley Duke And The Kindred Spirits - Isolation Tarot

Stanley Duke And The Kindred Spirits – Isolation Tarot

Stanley Duke And The Kindred Spirits - Isolation Tarot

I like when I search for some innovative music over the web and then stumble upon a group of musicians who’re sounding fresh and unique. I have to admit there is a lot of creative musicians on the indie scene who’re pushing several genres to the very limits, but sometimes, their music is hard to find. Luckily, I stumbled upon Stanley Duke And The Kindred Spirits, a group of musicians led by Stanley Duke who’s giving his best to sound otherworldly, innovative, and unique. Recently, they released a debut material named Isolation Tarot that unquestionably shakes the foundations of contemporary indie music.

Stanley Duke drew his inspiration from tarot cards and life under strict isolation due to the pandemic. The artist merged these two themes into the singular concept that sounds intriguing even before you take a listen to this material. Isolation Tarot carries five profoundly detailed compositions that are going into the very depths of several genres. However, it also serves as a comprehensive platform to think about various things while listening to these numbers. Duke explores genres such as indie, indie rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, funk, soul, jazz, pop, but also goes even further into the depths of other genres. This clever artist and his group are knowing no boundaries when it comes to songwriting, composing, and producing illustrious music.

Still, you may also hear smaller chunks of art-rock, post-punk, punk rock along the way. Perhaps these elements are not so dominant as the beforementioned ones, but they certainly contribute to the sound of Stanley Duke And The Kindred Spirits. The way how their music continuously levitates between contemporary indie rock and mid-seventies psychedelia goes beyond comprehension. Each composition carries these vibes, but you may hear other eras as well. These experimentations with sound are not uncommon on the worldwide music scene, but it seems like that no one by far nailed to merge these elements altogether in harmony like Stanley Duke and his band. The enormous amount of melodies, harmonies, ambiances, various articulations, and beats showcases the pure brilliance of an artist who knows how to write, compose, assemble, record, and produce tremendous compositions.

Isolation Tarot is a highly recommended material for those who’re in search of perfectly executed indie music, decorated by brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship. You can listen to the entire EP on Spotify.


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