Low Standards, High Fives - How Personality Works 12" EP - Various Labels

Low Standards, High Fives – How Personality Works 12″ EP (Various Labels)

Low Standards, High Fives - How Personality Works 12" EP - Engineer Records

Low Standards, High Fives are coming back with another brilliant material that will amaze all the admirers of alternative, indie rock, and emo music. This Turin, Italy-based quintet evolves as time passes by, and their previous recordings such as Revolushhh EP, Enough EP, Are We Doing The Best We Can, and Monument Lake House are showcasing how the group gradually built more complex sound during the years. We previously covered their full-length album called Are We Doing The Best We Can, which blew us away with its subtle melancholy, unreserved emotions, and brilliant musicianship. This time, Low Standards, High Fives are going a step further with their orchestrations, and their tendencies with this release are vividly hearable throughout the entire recording.

How Personality Works carries four brand new compositions, performed with the same intentions as their previous recordings, but this material involves more emotive moments, subtle melodies, and marvelous musicianship demonstrated by all the involved musicians. Their predominant melancholic atmosphere is overwhelming the elements of alternative rock. However, it goes nicely with the remaining involvements of indie rock music that unquestionably takes a crucial role in their sound. The echoic ambiance delivered through polyphonous movements completely accommodates the emo aesthetics, which are perhaps the most notable during the entire material. Low Standards, High Fives uplifted their music on a completely new level, and How Personality Works demonstrates inevitable progress through these four compositions.

Guitars are bursting with beautiful arpeggiated chord progressions, submerged into generous dosages of reverb, echo, and delay effects. These effects are mainly responsible for the vibrant melancholic atmospherics, which are perfectly pairing the remaining orchestrations of the group. These illustrious guitar maneuvers are also satisfying the calmy aesthetics though nearly repetitious articulations, mainly hearable at particular compositions. Still, these themes are not overwhelming the stable rhythm section that keeps these thematics perfectly in line. The bass guitar provides thoughtfully arranged basslines that are surrendering loads of addictive low-end tones. These melodies are saturating the beforementioned themes with such ease, but they’re also acting as a compounding element between guitars and excellent drumming performance. The drumming performance grasps the calmy atmosphere through a series of moderate tempos, decorated through gentle accentuations over the cymbals.

Low Standards, High Fives are showcasing a tremendous experience throughout these four compositions that will unquestionably blow away fans of emo, indie rock, post-rock, and alternative music. Their subtle atmospheric but delicate articulations are unmatchable. How Personality Works is coming out soon as a 12″ vinyl record, so you should pay attention and pre-order this indie masterpiece. Head over to Engineer Records, No Reason Records, Scatti Vorticosi Records, or Longrail Records for more details about pre-order.



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