Low Standards, High Fives – Are We Doing The Best We Can? CD (Engineer Records)

Despite being published two years ago, this release is still worth mentioning on our pages. It’s as much relevant as it was on the day this material Engineer Records decided to release it. Low Standards, High Fives hails from Turin, Italy, and this quintet performs in such characteristic configuration. The band consists of three vocalists, three guitars, bass, and drums. Besides Are We Doing The Best We Can, the band released a couple of recordings before and after this album. Their discography spans releases such as debut Revoulushhhh EP, Enough EP, but also singles like Silent Decor and Bite. After Are We Doing The Best We Can, the group released a couple of singles such as Monumental Lake House and 22​.​11​.​55. Therefore, this material is their debut full-length record.

Low Standards, High Fives delivers a wondrously orchestrated emotive harmonizations, layered by extraordinary chants. The group tends to achieve a mathematically precise combination of emo, indie rock, and alternative sound. Guitars are transitioning and racing for uncertain dominance with such ease by substituting the current roles throughout the compositions. Each number retains a certain emotiveness, passive-aggressive approach, and melancholic atmosphere that will unquestionably suit to admirers of Midwest emo scene or indie rock sound. Like guitars, vocals are illustrating the themes through various interpolations, transitions, solo segments, and appealing singalongs where the band sounds almost monolithic.

Equally hearable basslines support these polyphonous maneuvers with warm-sounding low-end tones. Each provided bassline offers in-depth support to the technically demanding sound of the group. Exceptional drumming performance additionally supports all the instrumentations with expansive rhythmical acrobatics, which in so many cases, goes beyond standard rhythmical structures characteristic for the abovementioned genres. The entire band provides remarkable musicianship throughout the complete recording. The enclosed numbers liberate such unique vibes, occasionally pervaded with dynamic transitions into much more energetic segments. This band contains impressive songwriting and composing skills, which will even find its place in the pickiest fans of emo/indie music.

Low Standard, High Fives undoubtfully invested heart and soul into Are We Doing The Best We Can, and there’s a dozen of potential alternative radio hits within this astounding debut full-length album. Are We Doing The Best We Can come on a pro-done digipack compact disc, followed by the meaningful cover artwork. Don’t miss this release if you’re deeply into emo, indie or alternative rock sound. Head over to Engineer Records and pick a copy for yourself or your loved ones.

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