Red Light Runner – Under The Weather CD EP (Engineer Records)

If you followed a couple of previous articles, perhaps you already notice that Engineer Records is entirely into melodic punk rock, pop-punk, emo, indie, and alternative. Judging by the batch of compact discs I’ve got for an in-depth examination, the label specializes in profoundly melodic music that soothes the soul. That’s the case about the Under The Weather, five-song extended play by Red Light Runner. This material also happens to be their fifth release under the Engineer etiquette. Previously they released a two-song demo, a debut self-titled EP, acoustic demo called Questions, a single named The First Time, and a double A-side single Just Might Find/Lucky Thirteen. Then the group released another extended play entitled What Are You Thinking About and a live recording Live At The Treadmill.

For those who’re not familiar with their music, Red Light Runner is profoundly into emo sound, but the band doesn’t hesitate to include some appropriate ingredients along the way. Besides delicate emotiveness demonstrated throughout this extended play, the group adds up essentials of indie music, decorated by notable pop-punk elements. Red Light Runner combines these ingredients by delivering slightly distorted thematics characteristic for contemporary emo/indie scene. Themes consist of appealing guitar dualities, mainly showcased through energetic palm-muted chord progressions on one, and structured guitar leads on the other side. The rhythm guitars eventually let it loose on choruses, which benefits the broader melancholic atmosphere that the entire group tries to achieve. Still, the main focus remains on the delightful guitar licks, mainly comprised of arpeggios, octaves, and constructive solos. Both guitars shred with such ease, and ultimate precision is the main characteristic of these experienced musicians.

Astounding musicianship of the bass player is equally hearable as guitars, and his performance defies mentioned melodies with completely mindblowing basslines. Warm sounding tones accommodate the ambiance through wondrously executed technicalities that also provide enough mass to saturate the crispy clear sound of both guitars. Nothing would sound so brilliant without the expansive drumming performance. His orchestrations span over so many different styles, technics, acrobatics, but in the end, exceptional articulation accentuates the performance of the entire group. Red Light Runner operates as a completely operational singular organism with a sole purpose to impress admirers of both emo, indie, and pop-punk sound.

The compositions are marvelously structured, defined, complex, but easy to listen at the very same time. The group thought about every next move, and each number appears as a desperately needed continuation of the story. It’s a comprehensive collection of heartful songwriting and impressive composing, showcased through five thoroughly emotive compositions that will satisfy those who’re looking out for a group that understands contemporary music trends, but still, keeps something unique inside. Under The Weather comes on a compact disc housed in a printed cardboard sleeve, so check out Engineer Records store for more detailed info about ordering.

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