M:40 - Arvsynd CD (Halvfabrikat Records)

M:40 – Arvsynd CD (Halvfabrikat Records)

M:40 - Arvsynd CD (Halvfabrikat Records)

M:40 is a Swedish blackened crustcore quintet emanating from Lidköping. This group is a not so hidden gem on the Europian underground scene that roams around for almost two decades, with outstanding records filling their impressive back catalog along the way. Since their formation in 2002, M:40 has released recordings such as Tomma Ord Är Inte Värda Ett Skit CD, a split 7” with Grace Will Fall, Historiens Svarta Vingslag CD, Industrilandskap 7”, a split 7” with SandCreek Massacre, Diagnos LP, another promo split 7” with Grace Will Fall, and Bär Mig Till Bikten 7”. Today I will be talking about their latest recording called Arvsynd, which has been on the streets for a while, but the compact disc edition certainly deserves your utmost attention.

However, this time I will pay more attention to the packaging rather than to incredible music, which I previously covered in a review about the vinyl edition of the same record. Halvfabrikat Records has decided to release a deluxe looking compact disc edition for those who prefer CDs over the vinyl. I have to admit this is the first time in a very long time that I preferred a CD over the vinyl release. The entire packaging looks very impressive comparing to vinyl, mainly because of the eye-peeling pro-printed booklet. The booklet includes thirty pages sewn together to mimic a hardcover book, but this booklet also serves as a casing for a compact disc. It looks supreme comparing to the jewel case or digipak releases.

The booklet includes everything you need to know about the Arvsynd. From lyrics to all the necessary information about the beforementioned material, line up, and the label, M:40 stacked the book with essentials for those who’re devotedly following their work for decades. Besides a blackened background and vividly readable text, you’ll also encounter a couple of photos of the band and typical nature photos that are following the aesthetics of their sonic articulations. The band relied upon sole minimalism, so the entire book looks classy and less crusty, which I assume most fans would expect, but nevertheless, this version of Arsvsynd looks undoubtfully amazing.

Judging by the visual appearance and the tremendous music, this hardcover book looking compact disc deserves a special place in your record collection. Comparing to the quality of the vinyl release, you’ll probably love it equally, if not even more. This is a real deal for those who’re grasping the music both visually and sonically, but it will also look interesting to record collectors who love this type of collectibles. This version is available on the M:40 Bandcamp page or at the Halvfabrikat web store. Highly recommended!



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